Thursday, June 30, 2011


The internet and my colleagues are buzzing with talk about Google's brand new social service. I decided to investigate.

What is Google+?
Can't speak surely yet, but sources say that Google+ is a social network - Google's answer to Facebook.
While the service is still in a "limited beta" stage (a limited group of people is testing it), The Reuters blogs you can even take an inside sneak peak of it:
The project's official webpage brings out the main outlines of the project, which goes down to sharing of information.

The idea of circles is about sharing right information with the right people. That is, if you have friends in the network, that have different interests, or are in different kinds of relationships, you can group them in circles (what you can see in the video above) + as reported by Mashable, a service called Google+ Huddle creates group text messaging capabilities for your "circles". That means, if you don't want a part of your information to reach a specific group of your friends, so it shall be.

"Sparks" organize the information shared by your friends... based on your own interests and preferences. Google compares the format to cutouts from magazines collected together. Anytime you have a free minute and need something to read, Sparks solves the problem.

The most confusing service, at least to me. Hangouts looks like an unplanned video chat service. If realized well enough, it can boost the level of comfort in online communication to a completely new level. Whatever, the idea itself is appealing enough to give it a try.

Whether Google will succeed in creating a life-capable service or not - time shall show. If the new ideas of the service don't look like groundbreaking, they are at least fresh.

An important question is - how to participate in the beta. I sincerely do not know. I didn't find a way to get an invitation, but if I succeed, I'll keep you informed.

And, at last, some links for further research:

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